MLB batters set record for month with 1,135 HR in May

MLB batters set monthly HR record for 3rd time in 2019 By Associated Press September 1, 2019 11:58 am NEW YORK (AP) – Major league batters broke the monthly home run record for the third time this year and are on pace to shatter the season mark with weeks to spare, part of a season in which strikeouts also are occurring at an unprecedented rate.

Batters hit 1,228 home runs hit in the majors in August, the Elias Sports Bureau said Sunday. That topped the 1,142 in June and 1,135. mark for any month was 58 by Baltimore in May 1987 and Seattle.

MLB batters whacked a whopping 1,135 home runs in May, topping the all-time record of 1,119 set in August 2017, according to the elias sports bureau. toronto blue jays rookie vladimir Guerrero Jr,

In May, MLB set. month, with 1,135. That record lasted all of. a month. As craig calcaterra noted elsewhere, MLB established a new record in June by hitting 1,142 home runs. Think about that for a.

25 Longest Home Runs of the Decade (2010-2017) Major league batters set a record in May for most home runs in any month with 1135, topping the 1119 in August 2017.

NEW YORK – Major league batters set a record in May for most home runs in any month. Batters hit 1,135 home runs in May, topping the previous mark of 1,119 in August 2017, according to the Elias.

Batters struck out 7,132 strikeouts in August, five short of the monthly record set in May. A year after strikeouts surpassed hits for the first time, whiffs remain ahead: 35,554 to 35,483.

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By the end of Friday night, big leaguers had capped off May with a record 1,135 dingers for the month. Most home runs in calendar month, MLB history 1) May 2019: 1,135 2) August 2017: 1,119 3) June 2017: 1,101 4) May 2000: 1,069 5) May 2017: 1,060. And the record. Vlad Jr’s HR is the 1,120th this month.

Entering Friday, we had already seen more home runs this May than in any. had capped off May with a record 1,135 dingers for the month.

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More home runs were hit this May than in any other month in Major. Hitters needed to slug 25 home runs Friday to break the record and ended up. with at least four homers during the month to set a major league record.